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One point two thousand? It's either one thousand, two hundred or twelve hundred. Good, smooth flash however.

To Quickdraw94

Quickdraw94, I hope your friend is joking.

We didn't evolve from monkeys, we evolved from a common ancestor. There are still monkeys for the same reason there are still horses, trees, lions etc. They are very well suited to their environment.

There is no such thing as a half-evolved animal. Every lifeform is the result of a very long line of evolutionary changes.

Think of a tree; we are a branch on one side, primates on the other. Somewhere down the line there is a joint or trunk that we have in common.

Besides, even if we DID evolve from monkeys, the question becomes; 'If something evolves, does the original which it evolves from die out?' The answer to this is no. The original only dies out if the conditions change enough for it to be unable to survive.

I guess someone asking this question may be questioning evolution itself.

You must have a firm understanding of a subject before attempting to call a flaw from it.

Now, moving on to the Flash.

I'm usually not fond of these types of animations, ones that suffer from poor audio quality or skill and don't make it a point of humor. However, the script is quite funny, and the 'chav' voice lends itself well. This makes this Flash plenary with this style of comedy. I'm going to surmise that it's actually well made.


It's not 626

Actually, it's 616, accredited to poor early translation. The early Church father Irenaeus knew several occurrences of the 616-variant but regarded them as a scribal error and affirmed that the number 666 stood "in all the most approved and ancient copies". The number 666 standing as it was due to the number 7 being the perfect number, and Lucifer would forever be a 6, no matter how many 6's he would use.

That's neither here nor there though.

This flash, as most people have said, is made by the brilliant voice acting. The story, though sometimes forced, is great too.

Very funny.


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While the game is obviously simple, I'm going to give it 4 stars because you've got a nice layout, there are no glitches that I've stumbled upon, the music is in balance and it's challenging, but not to the point of nerd rage. I like the 'ice' physics and the fact that there's no pause inbetween levels, because then it would be too easy, right?

GoombaJMR responds:

Thanks for your review! Thank you for your nice words! :) You've made my day. Enjoy playing!

I misunderstood what this was. Nevertheless, I will try to give some constructive criticism.
For what this is, (a demonstration of the physics software you have created), deserves more than 3 stars.

While very solid in the plane going left to right, the software shows weakness in creating depth. Clicking to push her back is one thing, but it's difficult to bring her back towards you. However, as I'm sure you'll do this in whatever game you create using this, being able to change camera angle will fix this.

Also, clicking on her breasts and then moving the mouse will bring about a glitch.

These physics you have created can be used for any type of game, and I look forward to seeing what you do with it.

SexGameDevil responds:

Thanks! This is very helpful! We respect constructive criticism.

Sound, Music and a more effective battle system and levelling perks and you've got a winner. The sex scenes are quite out of the blue however. If you wish to make this a part of the game, it should be more definitive. A dystopic land where the line between sex and violence is blurred. It's a hard vision to get right, but I reckon you can do it!

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You are taking the criticism here and making it far too regimented, losing sight of what, I believe, first flowed from you upon making these 'Dark Beat' loops.

I have listened to them all, and this one is the winner.

You do not need additional lines, that would only serve to conflict with the filthy nature of this groove. You can't have a monotonous saw bass and haunting, middle-tweaked, filtered keys and then try and break up the beauty of it's simplicity.

Christ, listen to Flat Beat.

You were on to something. Don't become detached from it to turn it into something less personable.


Yeah, this is a very slick track.

Lots of variation and counter-melodies.


Keep it up.


Fredgy responds:

glad you like it :p


Really tasty loop you have here.

Rated 5


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Nicely thought out and executed. Just a shame about spelling 'cruel' wrong.

deathink responds:

Yeah, there is two misspells. I will fix them after the judging :)

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